EC140 Aftermarket parts SA3929021 Bearing

EC140 Aftermarket parts SA3929021 Bearing

Product Name: SA3929021 Bearing
Suitable for model: EC140

Product Name: Part NO.SA3929021 Bearing
Suitable for model: EC140
Suitable for assembly
  • 56120 / 216 / 100 / SC118 Crankshaft(Коленвал)

Part NO.SA3929021 Bearing suitable for EC140

KAT_ID: 56120





This catalogue lists the spare parts for Excavator EC140BUCKETS Bucket GP. ESCO. 0,32/0,35 - F24 Description: GP = General purpose. (RB)= Rock bucket. ESCO = Type of bucket tooth, Esco. 0,32 = Volume CECE cubic meter. 0,35 = Volume SAE cubic meter. S6 = Quick fit bucket.F24 = Direct-mounted (pin-on) bucket.TRACK ASSEMBLY Track TRK 600SR X 42(LCM), 600SR X 46(LC) Description: TRK = Track 600 = Width of track S = Symmetrical track R = Clearing hole 42 = Number of track shoes
  • 1SA3904483 (3904483)2SA3904483 Locating pin11---OP
  • 2SA3906081 (3906081)24SA3906081 Sleeve110000--SS
  • 3SA3914494 (3914494)25SA3914494 Pulley110000--OP
  • 4SA3901154 (3901154)22SA3901154 Bearing110000--NS
  • 5SA3903857 (3903857)26SA3903857 Screw440000--OP
  • 6SA3901152 (3901152)20SA3901152 Bearing11---SS
  • 7SA3927772 (3927772)5SA3927772 Bearing11---SS
  • 8SA3929016 (3929016)-SA3929016 Bearing44---NS
  • 9SA3929024 (3929024)15SA3929024 Bearing550000--NS
  • 10SA3802011 (3802011)7SA3802011 Bearing11---OP
  • 11SA3802082 (3802082)19SA3802082 Bearing110000--SS
  • 12SA3929027 (3929027)3SA3929027 Gear11---OP
  • 13SA3929020 (3929020)-SA3929020 Bearing440000--NS
  • 14SA3927775 (3927775)14SA3927775 Bearing110000--NS
  • 15SA3927773 (3927773)8SA3927773 Bearing11---NS
  • 16SA3802014 (3802014)16SA3802014 Bearing110000--OP
  • 17SA3800331 (3800331)21SA3800331 Bearing110000--OP
  • 18SA3906080 (3906080)23SA3906080 Sleeve110000--SS
  • 19SA3929023 (3929023)12SA3929023 Bearing550000--NS
  • 20SA3927774 (3927774)11SA3927774 Bearing110000--NS
  • 21SA3929025 (3929025)18SA3929025 Bearing550000--NS
  • 22SA3929018 (3929018)-SA3929018 Bearing44---NS
  • 23SA3929021 (3929021)6SA3929021 Bearing55---NS
  • 24SA3929022 (3929022)9SA3929022 Bearing55---NS
  • 25SA3802012 (3802012)10SA3802012 Bearing11---OP
  • 26SA3927770 (3927770)-SA3927770 Bearing110000--NS
  • 27SA3929019 (3929019)-SA3929019 Bearing440000--NS
  • 28SA3929017 (3929017)-SA3929017 Bearing44---NS
  • 29SA3927776 (3927776)17SA3927776 Bearing110000--NS
  • 30SA3802010 (3802010)4SA3802010 Bearing11---OP
  • 31SA3802013 (3802013)13SA3802013 Bearing110000--OP
  • 32SA3908031 (3908031)1SA3908031 Crankshaft11---OP
  • 33SA3927771 (3927771)-SA3927771 Bearing110000--SS
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